As per the guidelines of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore, every accredited institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a quality sustenance measure.

NAAC works in the area of performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions of higher education. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC is a part of the institution’s system and works towards realisation of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions. Institutions need to channelize its efforts and measures towards promoting the holistic academic excellence.

IQAC – Vision

To ensure quality culture as the prime concern for the Higher Education Institutions through institutionalizing and internalizing all the initiatives taken with internal and external support

Chairperson : Head of the Institution

  • Jagmeet Madan – Principal & Chairperson

 Co-ordinator IQAC  :

  • Rekha Battalwar – Controller of Examination

 Teachers to represent all level :

  1. Manjiri Bhalerao – Vice Principal
  2. Vipra Banerjee – Head, Department of Mass Communication & Extension
  3. Armaiti Shukla – Head, Department of Textile and Apparel Design
  4. Archana Jain – Head, Department of Human Development
  5. Chetna Raje – Head, Department of Resource Management
  6. Madhuri Nigudkar – Head, Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  7. Sangeeta Chhowala – In-charge, Department of English
  8. Rajeshree Shinde – In-charge, Department of Science

 Management Representatives :

  1. Dr Ruby Ojha – Head, Dept. of Economics, SNDT  Women’s University, Mumbai

 Senior Administrative Officers :

  1. Sadhana Landge – Office Superintendent

Local Society, Students and Alumni  Representative :

  1. Rajpal Shripat Hande – Principal, SVKM’s Mithibai College of Arts,
  2. Pramod N. Pabrekar – Consultant, RUSA Dept. of Higher Education
  3. Dwivedi Mrinali –  Student Representative , Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  4. Prisha Mahtani –  SVT Alumni, Dept. of Textiles and Apparel Designing

Employers/ Industrialists/Stakeholders :

  1. Priya Patil  – Employer, Textile Designer
  2. R.B. Smarta – Industrialists, Founder and Managing Director of Interlink Marketing  Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.
  3. Afreen Siddiqui – Stakeholder, State Head of United Nations Development Program

IQAC activities conducted under various IQAC initiatives in Academic Year 2019-2020 are listed below.

Serial Number Activity Name Description Person In-charge Department / Committee Date Conducted Participants Report
1 Implementation of Management Information System MIS was implemented in order to have better control over e-governance and better decision making Dr. Jagmeet Madan


IQAC July 2019 All staff members & Students
2 Introduction of new Marksheets with 15+ security features In order to protect the marksheets – college has introduced new marksheets having 15+ security features Dr. Rekha Battalwar Examination January 2020 Examination Department  





3 National Seminar on Reinventing Learning Spaces National Seminar on Reinventing Learning Spaces – Faculty Enrichment Program Dr. Jagmeet Madan


Dr. Rekha Battalwar

Dr. Armaiti Shukla

IQAC March 2 – March 3, 2020 IQAC