Certificate Program in Sound Design

Learn the essential elements of film sound along with gaining a profound appreciation of the aesthetic contribution sound makes to a film

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Online Sound Design Course In India
Duration : 1 year
Cost : ₹10,000

Key Highlights


Certificate Program in Sound Design from WWI

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6+ hours of video content

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1 year

Course Features

Content Duration : 6+ hrs
Learning structure : Self-paced learning
Accessibility : On PC, mobile
Access period : 1 year
Mode of instruction : English
Video transcripts : English

What is Sound Design?

Filmmaking was revolutionised when sounds were added to it, making it more immersive than ever before. The responsibility of a sound designer is to record, acquire, edit and create the various audio elements required in a movie. The sound designer works closely with the director to create an acoustic environment for the audience. A successful sound designer must be creative and have the technical skill and expertise to translate their creativity for the movie.

Course Objectives

In the Certificate Program in Sound Design, you’ll learn all about Sound – from its history to its science & from recording to manipulating it. Through the curriculum, you’ll learn how to analyse the script, gather information and create a seamless movie experience for the audience. This course includes topics such as Introduction and history of film sound and sound design, Sound recording and the recording chain, Advance aesthetics, Music in film and Sound post production and mixing.

What kind of certification will I obtain from this program?

On successful completion of all the modules included in this program, the user shall be given a certificate from Whistling Woods International. You can download the certificate in the form of a PDF.

Is there a specific time limit for this program?

There is no specific time limit or schedule to do a module-based program such as this one. However, the access period to the platform is 1 year.

How many hours of study are required to complete this program?

This is a module-based program, so there is no specific schedule to adhere to.

What are the key topics covered in this program?

Please refer to the curriculum tab on the course page of the program.

What type of learning should I expect from this program?

This program comprises of learning through video-based lectures. You will also be given the transcripts of these lectures. The content is derived from the knowledge base of Whistling Woods faculty and Industry experts along with specific case studies used to explain the concepts and theories.

Are there any assignment or coursework in this program?

There are no coursework or assignments in this program.

Does the program include live sessions with the faculty?

There are no live sessions included as part of this program. However for live sessions and on campus specialization workshops, please check our Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking program.

Program fee : INR 10,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Completion of this program will earn you a 10% discount on one of the Advanced Certificate Program. For more info please click here.

Admission Criteria :

  • No work experience is required to apply for any of the programs
  • It is recommended that applicants have cleared Xth grade or equivalent
  • All candidates need to have reading and speaking proficiency in English

Key Highlights :

  • Content Duration : 6 + hrs
  • Format of learning : Self-paced learning
  • Accessibility : On mobile, Laptop and Desktop
  • Access period : 1 Year


  • You can pay for the program with a debit / credit card and through Netbanking.
  • On successful payment transaction, you will receive a confirmation mail with the order no. and payment acknowledgement.
  • You will be provided a course login URL within 48 hours of making a payment. Please register on the URL to gain access to the course.
  • In case of any issues during payment, please write to us on virtualacademy@whistlingwoods.net


  • This class will introduce you to the subject history of Film Sound
  • Role of a Sound Designer
    This class provides an overview of the responsibilities of a sound designer in the film-making process.
  • Importance of Sound in story-telling and Soundscape
    This class will explain the crucial role that sound and soundscape play in a movie.
  • Evolution of Film Sound
    This class will show you the timeline of the evolution of film sound
  • Audio Reproduction
    In this class, you will learn about the analog and digital methods that are commonly used to record and reproduce sound for film.
  • Features of Sound
    This class breaks sound down into its fundamental characteristics, such as its pitch, frequency and loudness. You will learn how each of these features affect how a sound is perceived.
  • Psychoacoustics
    In this class, you will learn about the psychological responses associated with different types of sound, such as noise, music, voices etc. so you can learn to use sound in your film appropriately to induce intended emotions.
  • Characteristics of Good Sound
    This class will teach you about the characteristics of good sound in a Film.
  • Introduction to Sound Wave
    This class examines sound as a longitudinal wave and will teach you exactly how molecules of air vibrate and transmit energy along that becomes sound to your ears.
  • Unit of Loudness (dB)
    This course discusses decibels (dB) which is the standard unit of measurement of a sound’s intensity and loudness.
  • Basic Recording Chain
    This course will explore the answer to the question: what happens to sound once it enters the microphone? You will learn about the fundamental components of the signal recording chain and what happens in each step of the process that ultimately reproduces the recorded sound into playable formats.
  • This class will teach you aesthetic techniques, to create the ‘spectacle’ or style of the film
  • In this class, you will learn various ways in which music in the form of film scores, melodies and songs can be effectively used.
  • Introduction to Microphones and Operating Principles
    In this class, you will be introduced to microphones and the basic science of how it operates.
  • Polar Patterns in Microphones
    In this class, you will learn about different types of microphones and when exactly to use them.
  • Location Sound Management
    In this class, you will learn rules on how to properly record sound during the shoot. You will learn about the correct equipment, positioning, techniques etc. for optimal recording.
  • Basics of Digital Audio
    In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of how to manipulate digital sound, apply effects and use it for your film.
  • Mixing and Mastering
    In this class, you will learn how to put together multiple layers of audio together to make a final track, modify an existing track and optimize the track using mastering techniques.
  • Introduction to DAW- Pro-Tools
    In this class, you will learn how to work with the DAW – Pro Tools

Final assessment will be conducted by Media & Entertainment Skills Council


Complete the program successfully to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking from Whistling Woods International

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