College Administration

Dr. Jagmeet Madan
Principal and Professor

Department : Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
Contact Info :
Qualifications : MSc; MPhiL; PhD (Food and Nutrition)
Areas of Specialization : Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Physiology.

Ms. Manjiri Bhalerao
Vice Principal and Chairperson of Self Financed Programs

Department : Resource Management
Contact Info :
Qualifications : M.H.Sc., NET, Diploma in International Airlines and Travel Management
Areas of Specialization : Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management Art & design.

Dr. Hemani Malhotra
Controller of Examinations

Department : Resource Management
Contact Info :
Qualifications : B.Sc, M.Sc, NET cleared, Certificate course in AutoCAD, Ph.D  with  teaching experience of 24 years.
Areas of Specialization : Ergonomics, Management, Interior Designing and Entrepreneurship.

Ms. Kirti Vaidya
Junior College Supervisor

Contact Info:
Qualification: MSc Botany (Plant Physiology), BEd



Teaching Faculty 2019-20

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Jagmeet Madan Principal,


2 Ms. Manjiri Bhalerao Vice-Principal,

Chairperson of Self-Financed Programs,

Associate Professor

3 Dr. Rekha Battalwar Controller of Exam,

Associate Professor

4 Ms. Vidya R. Thakur Deputy Controller of Exam,

Assistant Professor

5 Dr. Madhuri Nigudkar Head- Department of Food, Nutrition And Dietetics,

Assistant Professor

6 Ms. Archana Jain Head- Department of Human Development,

Associate Professor

7 Ms. Vipra Banerjee Head- Department of Mass Communication And Extension, Associate Professor
8 Ms. Chetna Raje Head- Department of Resource Management,

Associate Professor

9 Dr. Armaiti Shukla Head- Department of Textiles And Apparel Designing,

Associate Professor

10 Ms. Sangeeta Chhowala Teacher in-charge- Department of English,

Assistant Professor

11 Dr. Rajeshree Shinde Teacher in-charge- Department of Science,

Assistant Professor

12 Dr. Meena Godhia Associate Professor
13 Ms. Anju Tulshyan Associate Professor
14 Dr. Suman Mundkur Associate Professor
15 Ms. Hemani Malhotra Associate Professor
16 Dr. Sulakshana Mane Assistant Professor
17 Ms. Roshni Dange Assistant Professor
18 Mr. Prakash Navgire Assistant Professor
19 Ms. Shilpa Sawalakhe Assistant Professor
20 Dr. Bhamini Mehta Assistant Professor
21 Dr. Amar Dhere Assistant Professor
22 Mr. Rohit Pawar Assistant Professor
23 Ar. Uday Gowalkar Assistant Professor
24 Dr. Sachin Vaidya College Librarian
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Anuradha Ramesh Convener- Self-Financed Programs,

Assistant professor

2 Ms. Panchali Motira Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Nisha Bellare Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Sabita Baruah Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Juhi Agarwal Assistant Professor
Sr. No. Name Department
1 Dr. Meenal Shrivastav Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
2 Ms. Prachi Patel Resource Management
Sr. No. Name Department
1 Ms. Shailaja Ghag Computer
2 Ms. Shvetangana Bhardwaj Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
3 Ms. Rashida Vapiwala Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
4 Ms. Manita Singh Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
5 Ms. NagmaNaik Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
6 Ms. Shilpa John Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
7 Ms. Zainab Patharia Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
8 Ms. Jasmeet Anand Human Development
9 Ms. Upasna Shah Human Development
10 Ms. Mausum Alwe Human Development
11 Ms. Anshu Kejriwal Human Development
12 Ms. Navleen Chandok Human Development
13 Ms. Ami Gada Human Development
14 Ms. Nidhi Parekh Human Development
15 Mr. Amrut Mahajan Mass Communication & Extension
16 Ms. Shlesha Salvi Mass Communication & Extension
17 Ms. Arpita Vora Mass Communication & Extension
18 Ms. Bhavya Kotian Mass Communication & Extension
19 Ms. Trupti Lahiri Mass Communication & Extension
20 Ms. Vandana Sharma Mass Communication & Extension
21 Ms. Gulnar Siddiqui Resource Management
22 Ar. Sharmishtha Devalkar Resource Management
23 Ms. Xavier Lobo Resource Management
24 Ms. Delnaz Umrigar Resource Management
25 Dr. Radha Sinha Resource Management
26 Ms. Shradha Bhat Resource Management
27 Ms. Parul Vats Resource Management
28 Ms, Seethlakshmi S. Resource Management
29 Mr. B. R. Venkatesh Resource Management
30 Mr. Shanmugadas Kuniyil Resource Management
31 Mr. Sunil Mestry Resource Management
32 Ms. Diana Linda Textile and Apparel Designing
33 Ms. Nasreen Sayed Textile and Apparel Designing
34 Ms. Umme Kulsum Textile and Apparel Designing
35 Ms. Disha Zatakia Textile and Apparel Designing
36 Ms. Anu Jain Textile and Apparel Designing
37 Ms. Nidhi Gangar Textile and Apparel Designing
38 Ms. Disha Goshar Textile and Apparel Designing
39 Ms. Brinelle Rodrigues Textile and Apparel Designing
40 Ms. Shikta Pethe English
41 Ms. Varsha Dugar English
42 Ms. Salome Benjamin MSc. Specialized Dietetics
43 Ms. Safala Mahadik MSc. Specialized Dietetics
44 Ms. Sheryl Salis MSc. Specialized Dietetics
45 Dr. Anushree Mehta MSc. Specialized Dietetics
46 Ms. Minal Asurlekar MSc. Specialized Dietetics
47 Mr. Narendra Khare MSc. Specialized Dietetics
48 Dr. Sabita Baruah M Design
49 Ms. Jinal Sangani M Design
50 Ms. Dilber Asli M Design
51 Ms. Naina Jain M Design
52 Ms. Priti Shah Diploma in Fashion Designing
53 Ar. Pranav Bhatt Diploma in Interior Designing
1 Dr. Snehal Shroff General Physician
1 Ms. Shubhangi Urdi College Counsllor


Non Teaching Staff 2019-20

Sr. No. Fulltime Non-Teaching Staff (Permanent) Designation
1 Ms. Sadhana Landge Office Superintendent
2 Ms. Chetna Desai Research Projects and Grants Head, Accountant (I/C)
3 Ms. Ruddhi Pilankar Junior Stenographer
4 Ms. Priya Kudkar Junior Accountant
5 Ms. Minaxi Patel Clerk cum Typist
6 Mr. Prashant Salap Clerk cum Typist
7 Mr. Arun Nadekar Clerk cum Typist
8 Ms. Jayshree Londhe Lab. Assistant
9 Ms. Sarojini S. Mithbavkar Hawaldar
10 Ms. Suvarna Kotkar Store Attendant
11 Mr. Shankar Borge Library Attendant
12 Mr. Hari Satamkar Laboratory Attendant
13 Mr. Ganesh Kulkar Laboratory  Attendant
14 Mr. Dinkar Rawool Laboratory Attendant
15 Mr. Bhimrao Yadav Laboratory Attendant
16 Mr. Chandrakant Koli Laboratory Attendant
17 Mr. Shyamsunder Chavan Laboratory Attendant
18 Ms. Archana Gaikwad Peon
19 Ms. Vanita Joshi Peon
20 Mr. Haribhau Khatekar Peon
21 Ms. Aruna Jogdand Sweeper
22 Ms. Anirudha Bhagat Sweeper
23 Mr. Suresh Solanki Sweeper
  Fulltime Non-Teaching Staff (Temporary)
1 Mr. Dilip Lad Electrician
2 Mr. Brijesh Rajbhar Computer Engineer
3 Ms. Ankita  Gurav Clerk cum typist
4 Ms. Sunayana Kudav Clerk cum typist
5 Ms. Divyalaxmi Rao Clerk cum typist
6 Mr. Avinash Malkar Clerk cum typist
7 Ms. Arya Tawde Clerk cum typist
8 Ms. Mayuri Jadhav Clerk cum typist
9 Ms. Vaishali Pombhale Clerk cum typist
10 Ms. Clemy Perira Receptionist
11 Mr. Vijay Mohite Peon cum Laboratory  Attendant
12 Mr. Krishna Mhatre Peon cum Laboratory  attendant
13 Ms. Neena Vanel Peon cum Laboratory  attendant
14 Mr. Pradnesh Kulkar Peon cum Laboratory  Attendant
15 Ms. Vaishali Tawde Peon cum Laboratory  Attendant
16 Mr. Swapnil Parab Peon cum Laboratory  Attendant
17 Ms. Amrapali  Vavale Peon cum Laboratory  attendant
18 Ms. Aditi Baing Laboratory  Assistant
19 Ms. Sakshi Parab Lady Watchmen
20 Ms. Pradnya  Rane Sweeper
21 Ms. Ashwini Bhosle Sweeper
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