M.Sc. Exercise Science & Sports Nutrition

Program Overview :

This course is designed to provide an in depth knowledge of science behind exercise, its range and relevance to nutrition principles and interactions between diet, exercise and health.   The amazing feats of world-class athletes across the huge range of sports have projected the issues of performance into the public eye, and sports nutrition is now recognised as a key part of supporting training and competition at all levels of participation. This course will help students to cater to the specialized nutritional needs of athletes and sportspersons. Academically challenging, vocationally relevant and underpinned by evidence-based practice, this course will provide a thorough understanding of the multidisciplinary aspects of exercise science and sports nutrition, physiology and injury management. The learners will benefit from the postgraduate degree program by the application of scientific principles and techniques to improve sport specific performance of sportspersons.

Duration : 2 year program (Four Semesters)

Eligibility :

  • Candidates seeking admission into the two year M.Sc. degree course in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition must have passed BSc in Home Science (with specialization in Food & Nutrition)/ B.Sc. Food, Nutrition & Dietetics/ BSc Applied Nutrition/ BSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics/ BSc Sports Nutrition.
  • In addition, the candidate should possess a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in the qualifying exam. Candidates awaiting final year/semester results may also apply and produce the certificates at the time of joining.

Student Activities

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Health Promotion in collaboration with Special Olympics Bharat
  • Masters’ degree From the First Autonomous College of SNDT Women’s University in a specialty area of study and practice within the field of nutrition.
  • Modular curriculum with certified national and international experts from exercise and fitness management field and sports nutritionists as faculty.
  • Internship opportunities at reputed national and international sports associations and fitness centers, cardiac rehabilitation centres at hospitals, sports academy and research centres.
  • In depth research and project based learning as integral parts of the curriculum.
  1. Academically challenging, vocationally relevant and underpinned by evidence-based practice
  2. Aimed at individuals who wish to develop their interest in sport science, and gain a robust grounding in scientific principles relevant to the sports industry.
  3. Opportunity to gain thorough understanding of the multidisciplinary aspects of exercise science and sports nutrition, physiology and injury manageme
  4. Practical experience of working and interacting with exercise science professors with diverse interests
  5. Develop research, scholarly skills and paper publication/presentation skills and specific skills needed for entrepreneurship.
  • On Completion, the students will be able to:
    • Understand the science behind range of exercise and training
    • Assess physiological performance for athletes and normal people
    • Plan diets/ nutrition plans for various sports and fitness requirements
    • Plan training & exercise regimes
    • Participate in research projects pertaining to sports nutrition & exercise management.
  • To develop in-depth knowledge and practical skill sets to ensure a scientific basis to sports nutrition
  • To plan and implement sport-specific nutrition support to Indian athletes/ sportspersons.
  • To develop a team approach, display adequate team building, and soft skills, to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of sport-specific nutrition support.
  • To develop research, scholarly skills and paper publication/presentation skills or specific skills needed for entrepreneurship or gain job experience to improve employability.
  • To develop day-to-day support requirements of athletes, critical analysis of situations and problem-solving within a team, with specific reference to providing support to elite athletes during training and during international and national events.

Employment areas: Professional sports organizations, fitness centers, sports academy and clubs, academics, hospitals, schools, sport specific coaching centres,

The students can be employed as:

  • Sports nutritionists in fitness academies
  • Exercise physiologist/ exercise scientist
  • Weight management specialist
  • Sports administrators
  • Academics- Faculty
  • Sports Welfare Officer/ Sports Counselor in Schools
  • Research scientists for health and performance in sports
  • Corporate health, fitness and nutrition experts
  • Consultants at cardiac rehabilitation centres, hospitals and health care settings.
  • Professional certifications such as certified personal trainer and ACSM accredited sports coach and trainers.
  • Research opportunities – PhD
  • Degree in sports management, sports psychology, sports nutrigenomic consultants.


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