Certificate Program in Producing

Learn how to start a film company and manage all aspects of filming, production and post through effective project management techniques

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Online Certificate Course In Producing
Duration : 1 year
Cost : ₹10,000

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Certificate Program in Producing from WWI

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6+ hours of video content

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1 year

Course Features

Content Duration : 6+ hrs
Learning structure : Self-paced learning
Accessibility : On PC, mobile
Access period : 1 year
Mode of instruction : English
Video transcripts : English

What is Producing?

The process of filmmaking can be divided into three sections – creative, technical and financial. While different teams take care of each individual section, it’s the job of the producer to tie them all together. The producer brings together the writers, director, financiers etc. and has complete control over the film’s production. Thus, the producer not only needs to know about all these different jobs but be good at them as well.

Course Objectives

This Certificate Program in Producing will help you hone your leadership skills to helm a movie from start to finish. In this course, you’ll learn about the creative (script development, post production etc.) as well as the business side (financing, hiring, distribution etc.) of the movie. This course will lead to your all-round development as a producer. It covers topics such as Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a Producer, Script development and funding, Producer in pre-production, Producer in principal photography, Producer in post-production and finally, taking your film to the audience.

What kind of certification will I obtain from this program?

On successful completion of all the modules included in this program, the user shall be given a certificate from Whistling Woods International. You can download the certificate in the form of a PDF.

Is there a specific time limit for this program?

There is no specific time limit or schedule to do a module-based program such as this one. However, the access period to the platform is 1 year.

How many hours of study are required to complete this program?

This is a module-based program, so there is no specific schedule to adhere to.

What are the key topics covered in this program?

Please refer to the curriculum tab on the course page of the program.

What type of learning should I expect from this program?

This program comprises of learning through video-based lectures. You will also be given the transcripts of these lectures. The content is derived from the knowledge base of Whistling Woods faculty and Industry experts along with specific case studies used to explain the concepts and theories.

Are there any assignment or coursework in this program?

There are no coursework or assignments in this program.

Does the program include live sessions with the faculty?

There are no live sessions included as part of this program. However for live sessions and on campus specialization workshops, please check our Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking program.

Program fee : INR 10,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Completion of this program will earn you a 10% discount on one of the Advanced Certificate Program. For more info please click here.

Admission Criteria :

  • No work experience is required to apply for any of the programs
  • It is recommended that applicants have cleared Xth grade or equivalent
  • All candidates need to have reading and speaking proficiency in English

Key Highlights :

  • Content Duration : 6 + hrs
  • Format of learning : Self-paced learning
  • Accessibility : On mobile, Laptop and Desktop
  • Access period : 1 Year


  • You can pay for the program with a debit / credit card and through Netbanking.
  • On successful payment transaction, you will receive a confirmation mail with the order no. and payment acknowledgement.
  • You will be provided a course login URL within 48 hours of making a payment. Please register on the URL to gain access to the course.
  • In case of any issues during payment, please write to us on virtualacademy@whistlingwoods.net


  • Who is a Producer?
    This class covers the role of a film producer. They include creative, business and financial aspects of production.
  • Responsibilities of a Producer
    This class covers the responsibilities of the producer in detail
  • Evolution of Film Sound
    This class will show you the timeline of the evolution of film sound
  • Types of Producers
    This class covers the the main types of film producers in the industry today and their roles and responsibilities:

    • Executive Producer
    • Line Producer
    • Supervising Producer
    • Producer
    • Co-Producer
    • Coordinating Producer
    • Associate Producer
    • Segment Producer
    • Field Producer
  • Story Development
    This class introduces the first step of film production where you will learn how a producer selects the story and develops it by preparing a treatment, summarizing the storyline and determining its mood and characters.
  • Idea Generation Techniques for movies
    This class teaches you how to generate ideas to make a movie
  • Working with writers
    This class teaches you how a producer works with writers to develop a story
  • Writing a logline
    This class teaches you how to write an effective logline- a one-line statement that powerfully conveys the film’s plot and the emotional hook which makes it easier for you to pitch and sell your movie idea.
  • Film Budget
    This class teaches you how to prepare a comprehensive film budget- a financial document outlining every single cost associated with producing the movie, ranging from pre-production costs to the costs of promotion of the movie once it is made.
  • Basics of Film Financing
    In this class, you will learn about different methods and entities that can potentially finance a film. You will learn how to effectively approach different sources of budget as you plan to make your movie in its development stage prior to pre-production.
  • How to make your film stand out to financers
    This class introduces you to tried and tested successful techniques that will help you prepare a persuasive movie pitch that will stand out to the financers.
  • Producer’s role in pre-production
    This class gives you a comprehensive overview about the producers’ role during pre-production.
  • Setting up your film company (LLC)
    This class teaches you about the important steps that you need to consider while establishing your own production company with a Limited Liability Corporation model.
  • Script Breakdown
    This class teaches you industry standard norms on breaking a script during pre-production into its basic scene elements such as cast members, props, objects etc. which helps you to keep track of everything that is going on during production.
  • Selecting your crew
    This class discusses some important aspects to consider before hiring your crew for production and post production
  • Creative Planning phase
    This class teaches you how to plan creatively prior to shooting
  • Workflow from line producer’s point of view
    This class teaches you about the workflow from the shoes of a line producer, and how to effectively plan and communicate every vital step of the pre-production process.
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
    This class teaches you how to successfully allocate the available budget to different stakeholders involved in the film-making process.
  • Preparing a Call Sheet
    This class teaches you the industry standard rules for writing a proper call sheet that includes all necessary elements
  • How to manage a production?
    This class teaches you about all the elements that you need to consider and effectively coordinate during the principal photography stage of film-making.
  • Gearing up for post production
    This class teaches you how to get ready for post production after the principal photography is complete
  • The Big Picture
    This class teaches you how to tie in all the elements of a film together
  • Q&A Sessions with an expert (Case study questions)
    In this class, you will encounter case study questions and Q&A sessions with an industry expert that will help you contextualize everything that you have learnt with how things work in the real world in the film industry.
  • How to manage post production
    This class provides a comprehensive overview of the key responsibilities of a film producer in order to manage the post production process smoothly and keep the workflow intact.
  • Post production supervisor
    This class will help you understand how you can supervise the post production process effectively and ensure the post-production workflow is intact.
  • The editorial team
    This class will educate you about the relationship between the producers and the editing team of the movie.
  • The sound workflow
    This class teaches you how to structure and carry out the sound design workflow during post production
  • Color Correction
    This class teaches you about color correction on the material you have filmed
  • Packaging the final deliverables
    This class teaches you how to package the final deliverables during the post production stage
  • Completing the film
    This class teaches you of the final steps involved in completion of the film
  • Why distribution of film is a tough job?
    Producers are responsible for the promotion and distribution of the film after its completion. This class outlines all the crucial challenges that a producer needs to overcome while working with different third party organizations for the successful distribution of the movie.
  • Indian Box Office Model
    This class gives you a comprehensive overview of the Indian Box Office model which outlines the technicalities of how Box Office revenues are calculated, taxation associated with box office collection etc.
  • Rise of OTT Platforms
    This class draws your attention towards a crucial trend in the global as well as the Indian film industry- the rapid rise of Over The Top (OTT) platforms. You will learn how you can effectively adapt with the changing trends in film consumers’ priorities and habits to maximize your reach and profits.
  • Film marketing and publicity
    This class teaches you about the rising trends in the M&E Industry and effective strategies concerning the marketing and publicity of your film. Successful marketing and publicity varies greatly depending on many external factors and in this class, you will learn about these variables which will help you maximize your film’s reach.
  • Start your next project
    This class teaches you how to get started on your next film project

Final assessment will be conducted by Media & Entertainment Skills Council


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