Advanced Certificate Program in Personal Branding

Online Weekend Course In Advanced Certificate Program In Personal Branding

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Key Highlights


WWI Online Weekend Course in Personal Branding

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Create own personal brand manual


5 Weekends/3 Months

Course Features

Content Duration : 3 Months
Learning structure : Online Weekend Course
Accessibility : On PC, mobile
Access period : 1 year
Mode of instruction : English

Course Overview and Structure

This is an online weekend Personal Branding course, which will be conducted 15 Weekends over 3 months. Each Saturday class will be from 10am to 5pm & Sunday 10am to 1pm.

During the course, participants will learn how to create and maintain a successful personal brand, how to establish a thought leadership position, and how to leverage the digital media to communicate a synergized personal identity.

The course is centred on the applied learning approach. At the beginning of the course, each participant is expected to identify a real case that they would like to work on through the entire course duration. The learning gained through classroom sessions, discussion of theories, case studies and, the sharing by industry professionals, is then applied to their selected case.
There will be several cooperative learning opportunities and scope for group work; however, at the end of the course, each participant will create their own personal brand manual and a ready-to-apply strategy template.

Course Objectives

The course aims to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a personal brand in sync with one’s personality, lifestyle and, interests in the virtual world. The workshop approach of the course ensures hands-on learning, and the practical work is guided by new age theories. The course infuses industry knowledge through expert interactions and masterclasses.

Course Highlights

The key program highlights are:

  • Creating a personal brand manual
  • Creating a credibility building strategy template
  • Identifying an authentic thought leadership positioning
  • Skill building for effective in-person interactions through online mediums


  • Creating a Personal Press Kit
  • Social Media Thought Leadership Strategy Deck
  • Creating a List of Personal Blog Ideas & Writing 2 Sample Blogs
  • Personal Publicity Strategy through Earned Media

Readings and References:

  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini
  • The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo
  • Personal Branding for Dummies by Susan Chritton
  • The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell

What kind of certification will I obtain from this program?

On successful completion of all the courses included in this program, the user shall be given a Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking from Whistling Woods International. You can download the certificate in the form of a PDF or collect a hard copy from the Mumbai Campus.

Are there any assignment or coursework in this program?

Yes, there are assignment and course work to be done in this program:

  • Creating a Personal Press Kit
  • Social Media Thought Leadership Strategy Deck
  • Creating a List of Personal Blog Ideas & Writing 2 Sample Blogs
  • Personal Publicity Strategy through Earned Media

Is there a specific time limit for this program?

The time limit to finish this program is 3 months.

Is there any financial aid available for this program?

Yes, click here to know

What are the key topics covered in this program?

Please refer to the curriculum tab on the course page of the Advanced Certificate program

Program fee :
INR 40,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Eligibility Criteria: 18 + years of age

Entrance Process

Along with the online application form, participants would need to submit a Statement of Purpose elaborating on why they want to enrol for this program and, how this program can benefit their career.
Based on the information provided in the application form and, the statement of purpose, candidates will be shortlisted for an online in-person interview.

Email the above to

Fee Structure:

Full Course Fees of Rs 40,000/ including GST in one lump sum payable to “WHISTLING WOODS INTERNATIONAL LTD.” via NEFT / Online Payment Gateway

Full Course Fees of Rs 40,000/ including GST can be paid in two installments as below:
On Registration:     Rs 25000/-
Before course commencement Rs 15000/-

In 3-month EMI options through our finance partners – FinancePeer or Eduvanz.
EMI options provided by both are the same – 3 payments of Rs 13600 /- each month.

To use FinancePeer, click here

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Course Content and Syllabus

These modules will run parallelly with each other to help the students in better understanding of personal branding.

A personal brand is different from a business brand. It is important to understand the elements that go in creation of a personal brand image. How does one identify what is or should be their personal identity? Why create an authentic brand voice? How to align individual brand image with the real larger business goals?

The virtual world is filled with cluttered voices, each seeking maximum audience attention. To stand out in this crowded sphere and be heard, one needs to develop a unique and authentic voice. This module creates skills to conduct a social footprint study and a personal share of voice report; leading participants to delve deeper into the Thought Leadership Strategy and, learn how to use it for establishing a unique industry positioning.

Having the ability to persuade audience is an art, but there is a science behind this art. This module focuses on understanding the science of persuasion and, the art of creating a strategy that elevates a personal brand to meet the desired objectives.

Content is the tangible proof of one’s expertise and authority in the industry. Authentic content that is in sync with the desired image is the key to building a successful personal brand. This module delves into the strategy of content creation and content sharing; art of writing blogs and posts, use of podcasts and reels, and the use of fashion and imagery in building an authentic online voice.

Credibility and Reputation are two significant pillars of personal brand building. Earning news media mentions, featuring in organic content, being invited at industry forums, winning awards, are all parts of the gaining credibility and reputation building. This module explains the mechanics of garnering publicity and, teaches how to formulate a credibility enhancing strategy through earned media.


Complete the program successfully to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking from Whistling Woods International

  • Connect with a wide network of learners & professionals
  • Take a step towards discovering the world of filmmaking
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