Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking

Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking

Learn the nuances of filmmaking from industry experts through interactive live & video lectures.

NSDC Approved

Online Certificate Course In Filmmaking
Duration : 1 year
Cost : ₹160,000

Key Highlights


Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking

Financial aid

Pay in easy 12 EMI’s


Through the program through industry experts and faculty of WWI


Alumni status and access to the alumni database of Whistling Woods

Live sessions

With Industry experts and the faculty of WWI periodically

Specialized workshops

Access to the WWI Mumbai campus to attend specialization workshops

Adobe Premiere Pro

Get 50% off for duration of this course

Access to content

2 years

Course Features

Content Duration : 60+ hrs
Learning structure : Self-paced learning
Accessibility : On PC, mobile
Access period : 2 years
Mode of instruction : English
Video transcripts : English

What is filmmaking?

Storytelling is an integral part of human development and films are one of the few formats that use pretty much all major mediums – writing, photography, performance, narration etc. This is what makes filmmakers such good storytellers. They hone their skills in all fields.

A good filmmaker doesn’t just understand his/her role well but also the roles of every other team member working on the project. Keeping this at the core, WWI Virtual Academy’s Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking offers you comprehensive training across all spectrums of the craft of Filmmaking.

Course Objectives

This 1 year program curated by the experts from Whistling Woods International comprises of 60 + hours of learning through video lectures, video-based live sessions, offline workshop additions etc held by Whistling Woods faculty along with multiple testing protocols. You also get free access to the extensive library of Industry interactions and Q&A sessions from the legends of filmmaking as well as specialisation workshops held at the Whistling Woods Campus. After finishing the course, you’ll be awarded an Advanced Certificate from Whistling Woods International.

If you want to discover and pave a path for your passion for filmmaking, this is the place for you

To help you understand the subject, the syllabus covers various Software and Gear.

  • Demonstrations Using Industry Standard Cameras and Lenses – RED Epic Dragon, Canon 5D, Sony FS7 with Cine Primes and Photography Zoom lenses
  • Camera Accessories – Body, Lens, Matte Box, Follow Focus, Memory Cards, Batteries
  • Grips – Tripods, Track and Trolley, Crane, Steadicam, Gimbal
  • Types of Lights – Tungsten Lights, HMIs, LEDs, KinoFlos
  • Light Meter Demo using Sekonic L758D
  • Lighting Accessories – Stands, Flags, Cutters, Gels, Diffusions, Bounce Boards


  • Software Demos – Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve


  • Demonstration of Recording Chain – Microphones, Cables & Connectors, Mixers, Recorders and Monitors
  • Software Demo – Avid Pro Tools

What kind of certification will I obtain from this program?

On successful completion of all the courses included in this program, the user shall be given a Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking from Whistling Woods International. You can download the certificate in the form of a PDF or collect a hard copy from the Mumbai Campus.

Is there a specific time limit for this program?

The time limit to finish this program is 1 year. However, due to certain emergencies, we can look at extending the tenure of the program. This is subject to approval by Virtual Academy and will be treated as an exception on a case to case basis.

How many hours of study are required to complete this program?

We recommend a study time of 2 to 3 hours per week across the duration of the program for our Advanced Certificate Programs

Is there any financial aid available for this program?

Yes. Click here to know.

What are the key topics covered in this program?

Please refer to the curriculum tab on the course page of the Advanced Certificate program

What type of learning should I expect from this program?

This program comprises of learning through video-based lectures. You will also be given the transcripts of these lectures. The content is derived from the knowledge base of Whistling Woods faculty and Industry experts along with specific case studies used to explain the concepts and theories. You will also have live sessions held by experts on the topic that you are studying in a particular month/quarter.

In addition to this, a calendar of specialized workshops held through the year at the Whistling Woods campus in Mumbai will be shared with you. You will be permitted to attend a maximum of two workshops in a year.

Are there any assignment or coursework in this program?

There are regular assignments and coursework to be done in this program. We recommend a learning time of 2 to 3 hrs for optimum use of the material in the program

Does the program include live sessions with the faculty?

Yes. The live sessions will be updated as part of the course calendar once the program commences.

Program fee : INR 160,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Admission Criteria :

  • No work experience is required to apply for any of the programs
  • Applicants need to have cleared Xth grade or equivalent
  • All candidates need to have reading and speaking proficiency in English

Fee Structure:

  • Full Course Fees of Rs 1,60,000/ (GST included) can be paid in 3 installments as below:
    On Registration: Rs 50000/-
    On Program Commencement: Rs 60000/-
    3 months from Program Commencement: Rs 50000/-
  • In 12-month EMI options through our finance partners – FinancePeer or Eduvanz.
    EMI options provided by both are the same – 12 payments of Rs 14,100/- each month.
    To use FinancePeer, click here
    To explore Eduvanz, click here

Key Highlights :

  • Extensive mentorship through the Whistling Woods alumni who work in the Media industry and the WWI faculty
  • Build a network of similar minded leaners and industry professionals on the platform
  • Gain Whistling Woods’s Alumni status and access to the WWI Alumni database to build your network and seek.
  • Access to the WWI Mumbai campus for specialized workshops of your choice and specialization. Click here to view the Workshop Calendar.
  • Over 60 + hours of video content along with regular assessments, peer group assignments and projects
  • Live sessions throughout the duration of the program with industry experts and the faculty of WWI
  • Access to the industry interactions library of Whistling Woods where you can access recordings of sessions / interviews from celebrity lecturers / industry experts for 1 year


  • You can pay for the program with a debit/credit card and through Netbanking.
  • EMI facility is available for this program. Click here for more information.
  • On the success of the payment transaction, you will receive a confirmation mail with the order no. and payment acknowledgment.
  • You will be provided a course login URL within 48 hours of making a payment. Please register on the URL to gain access to the course.
  • In case of any issues during payment, please write to us at


The Program Curriculum is spread across two semesters.

Semester I

Learn the art of transferring the story you have in your mind to the paper, and eventually to the big screen. A screenplay is the blueprint that keeps everyone working on the project on track. This is where a movie starts and thus, this is where we’ll start our journey to understanding filmmaking.

  • Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Elements of a screenplay
  • Character Development
  • Conflict
  • Live Session – Movie Magic Scheduling – I
  • Structure
  • Scene Design and Dialogue
  • Dialogue writing
  • Analysis of a short film
  • Live Session – Movie Magic Scheduling – II
  • Hero’s Journey Part 1 & 2
  • Live Session – Movie Magic Scheduling – III

The process of filmmaking can be divided into three sections – creative, technical and financial. While different teams take care of each section, it’s the job of the producer to tie them all together.

  • What does a producer do?
  • How to develop a script and procure funding?
  • The Producers role in Pre-production
  • The Producers role in Principal photography
  • Live Session – Film Appreciation
  • The Producers role in Post-Production
  • Taking your film to the audience as a Producer
  • Film Analysis

Also known as the Director of Photography, a cinematographer is the master of movement and light.Their role is to translate the script into visuals and shoot the video.

  • The basics of Cinematography
  • Non-Motion Photography
  • Live Session – Magnification, Angles and Movement
  • Video Fundamentals (SD & HD)
  • Understanding the components of a Mise-en-scene and their impact
  • Motion photography on Film cameras (16mm/35mm)
  • The theory of Colour
  • Live Session – Lensing and Composition
  • The study of a Cinematographer
  • Understanding music videos
  • Understanding non-fiction films

Film editing is all about intuition. Intuition to know how the characters will portray their emotions and how the scene is going to affect the audience.

  • Introduction to Film Editing
  • Edit Shots
  • Premiere Pro Software training
  • Live Session – Film Editing
  • Avid Media Composer & Da Vinci Resolve
  • Editing a Scene and Action Scene
  • Live Session – Film Editing
  • Editing Commercials and Documentary

Assessment – Shoot a Silent Film

Semester II

Production Design

A Production designer (PD) is the person responsible for the overall visual look of the production of a film. They have a key creative role in the creation of motion pictures and television

  • Comparative study of Cinema vs TV
  • The role of costumes and makeup in a project
  • How to dress a set with furniture and wall pieces to accommodate a script
  • How to work on an existing available location

Making a film is not a one-person job, but it does need one person to guide all the different teams and technicians. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the director. Much like the captain of a team, the director coordinates with the actors, writers and the crew to translate the words on a paper into a moving, breathing story.

  • Introduction to the role of a Director and Film Grammar
  • Composition for Filmmakers
  • Space and time in Film
  • Continuity of Motion
  • Misc-en-scene and it’s aspects
  • Sound in films and creation of time & space through sound
  • Script Development and breakdown
  • Directing and working with Actors
  • Film Theory & Analysis
  • Assisting a Director

Sound Design
The responsibility of a sound designer is to record, acquire, edit and create the various audio elements required in a movie. The sound designer works closely with the director to create an acoustic environment for the audience.

  • Introduction and history of sound in film
  • Composition for Filmmakers
  • Sound Recording (Part I) and the Recording Chain
  • Advanced Aesthetics
  • Music in film
  • Sound Recording (Part II)
  • The role of Sound in Post Production & Mixing
  • Introduction to DAW Pro-tools

Assessment – Shoot a Film

During the semester coursework, you will also be involved in the activities below:

  • Film Analysis – Watch the set of films provided and critique it
  • Live sessions with Industry experts
  • Project submissions & assessments

Final assessment will be conducted by Media & Entertainment Skills Council


Complete the program successfully to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking from Whistling Woods International

  • Connect with a wide network of learners & professionals
  • Take a step towards discovering the world of filmmaking
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