Certificate Course in Script Writing

Certificate Course in Scriptwriting

Media is a growing, changing landscape and it is hard to keep up with the latest technologies and the content creation challenges they present. The success of a media story depends on the strength of its script. Be it through new media (whatsapp, YouTube, other social networking sites) or traditional media (print, radio, television and cinema).

Everybody needs a set of skills to deal with our society, culture today, to function in the current media environment – with the internet, the mobile. To be able to know how to interact with information. Script writing is taking an idea/information and making it into a story. It will have an audio and corresponding video to it. Writing scripts helps students/individuals to develop creative skills in making their own media messages, and participate as active citizens. Within the ‘new normal’, short form videos have become a significant part of student/individual’s projects/portfolios towards achieving the objectives of course as well as gaining constructive attention in their journey to being a professional .

The ‘certificate scriptwriting course’ of SVT College of Home Science of SNDT Women’s University (SNDTWU), serves as a vital tool to equip students in today’s digital environment to communicate their ideas.

The unique six month course is devised by SNDTWU, Pune, alumni, Anita Sareen Parihar, a media professional, researcher, professor for scriptwriting and video production, of national and international repute; with working experience of  over 35 years. (Including 20 years of teaching association with SNDTWU’s PG and UG Media Departments).

Mode of teaching: Hybrid (blended)

Duration: Four months (4 credit course)

  • Twice a week (3/4 lectures/day), ie.one session in campus, second session in online mode
  • End term assignment(ETA) + ETA submission and final exam


  • Graduate studies student (SY/TY/) , PG student, individual /professional from any stream
  • Minimum percentage required- above 50% from a recognized university or its equivalent (experience in scriptwriting in media industry)

Procedure of Admission: Interview

Students Activities

Study visit to ZEE 24 TAAS News Channel
Study visit to ZEE 24 TAAS News Channel
Scriptwriting workshop at Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic College , SNDTWU ,Juhu
Scriptwriting workshop at Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic
College , SNDTWU , Juhu

This module will take students through the process of producing a documentary film, with a focus on script writing. It familiarises students with the documentary production process from concept through pre-production research and recce upto script, along with a practical exercise. It will also familiarise students with different styles and genres of documentaries, as well as sensitise them to issues around the politics and ethics of representation

On completion of the course, the student will be able to

  • Write complete script for programme production, completed script be part of portfolio
  • Apply the skills of scriptwriting for possible publication, independent / client program production.
  • Develop skills as researcher
  • Pitch (presenting ) script to audience
  • Apply knowledge gained of visual compositions (Shot types/terminology ) that form part of script narrative


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