You-Me, COVID-19 and Role of Homoeopathy

In case of epidemics or pandemics, first approach is to follow preventive measures and educate people about general measures and to provide such interventions which will keep their immunity enhanced. As per the Advisory issued by Ministry of AYUSH, Homoeopathy recommends  Arsenicum album 30 C as the  Genus epidemicus identified by the designated experts for immunity enhancement while continuing the social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene etc measures.


Arsenicum album 30 C  Pills Arsenicum album 30 C   Liquid
3 pills daily for 3 consecutive days of a month 3 drops in half cup of clean water for 3 consecutive days of a month
Take this early morning preferably empty stomach and clean mouth
Do this 3 days for the next 3-4 months or till the pandemic lasts
No dietary restrictions


Who can take this Arsenic album for Immunity enhancement?

It is safe for all. Anyone- (children, young, middle aged, old, breast feeding mother’s and pregnant women) can follow this dosage regime irrespective of age, socio-economic strata and associated medical conditions/chronic diseases. Breast feeding children don’t need it as they are immunologically protected by natural antibodies in the breast milk and mother having taken Arsenicum album 30 C.

What about my pets?

It appears that Covid-19 can spread to animals (our pets) through humans. In my opinion and practise, Arsenicum-album 30C Pills ( not liquid) can be given in the same dosage as recommended for humans mixed in water or their food.

What if I am already on homoeopathic treatment?

You already have a primed immune system. So you need not take Arsenicum album 30 C. In words of Dr Jagmeet Madan you are already ‘immune-competent’. Your constitutional medicine also called your Similimum is your best immune enhancer. Please consult your homoeopath and follow her instructions.


Write up : Dr Chetna N Shukla Homoeopath and Author

This write-up is a follow-up to the webinar, ‘An Integrated Approach to Holistic Wellness During COVID Pandemic- Panel Discussion’ (link)

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