Research Paper published in Frontiers in Nutrition

Heartiest congratulations to our entire team of the research project, Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Dr Shobha Udipi, Dr Soumik Kalita, Rama Vaidya, Dr. Ashok D.B. Vaidya, Sheryl Salis RD, MDHA, CDE, CP Sharvari Malshe, Anushree Mehta, Ajay Phatak, Dr. Rekha Battalwar, Shubhada Agashe!! Heartening to see our three years of deliberations, planning, implementation, day to day coordination and interactions culminate into this research paper.

Our research study highlighted the effectiveness of food based strategies rather than use of nutraceuticals or drugs to help reverse the risk of prediabetes in adolescents and young adults. Significant improvements in glycemic indices, lipid profile and inflammatory markers were observed in the experimental group as compared to the controls suggesting the therapeutic potential of healthy snacks.


Link to the full publication is here:

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