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Dear Students,

At the outset, welcome to our new college website to greet you with a bright smile in this LOCKDOWN PERIOD!!

This platform is for you and the connect we make with our fraternity and people at large…

So here is my first blog for my dear students…..

Come March 16th 2020 we got deeper into the spread of Corona Virus and that followed the strong measures needed to protect ourselves. Congratulations and Deep Gratitude to the Indian Government and all important stake holders- The Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Police Force, Municipal Corporation employees and Grass root helpers and hygiene workers at all levels to put their lives at stake to make us SAFE. We as true Indian citizens must abide by the norms and help the government achieve success. It is heartening to see that the lockdown has helped us CONTAIN the spread of CORONAVIRUS.

My dear young students we as an institution have also contributed our services for the cause in our own capacities. Some of the resources which we have created for people at large are uploaded on the website. Please share it with all so that we can spread correct information to people at large.

During this time we all have been utilizing our time effectively to conduct classes, join seminar presentations, organized webinars on different topics, have worked closely with our department faculty and peers to complete our portions and assessments. I have been in constant touch on day to day basis with all the heads of the department and faculty. I am extremely happy to see the productive output of all students in this difficult phase.

I reiterate that please continue to do the good work which should be a good blend of your studies and recreation by engaging in activities you like through online platforms. Our student’s representatives have organized Zumba session and many such activities which were enjoyed by many students…

We are putting all efforts to ensure that we maximize on this time to make sure that we bounce back quickly without losing much on the new academic term.

We are thankful to Honorable Madam Vice Chancellor Professor Shashikala Wanjari and the Statutory Officers of the SNDTWU, Mumbai for their guidance and support…

We will keep you informed as we move ahead in this lockdown period. Please do check the latest updates on the website for notices.

This Lockdown has really helped all of us become patient, self-reliant, caring and grateful to people whose services go unnoticed and we take their help as granted. We are also becoming more innovative to maximize on what is available as resources.

So my dear ones do take good care of yourself, your parents, grandparents and elders in the family, Be Patient and Be wise and Be Good to all.

Remember “ Positivity is always a Blissful State of Mind….Be Thankful for what you have, you will end up having more….Oprah Winfrey !!

Will Come Back again …..

God Bless

Dr. Jagmeet Madan

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