SVT NSS successfully completes 7 days Residential Camp at Khambale School, Dahanu

SVT College of Home Science (Autonomous Empowered Status), NSS I successfully completed a 7-days Residential Camp at Khambale School, Dahanu from 19th to 25th January 2024 headed by Chairperson and Program officer Dr. Sulakshana Mane, and Co-chairperson Dr. Anju Tulshyan.

Special thanks to Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Principal, SVT College of Home science and Mrs. Sanjita Mahapatra IAS, Assistant Collector, Dahanu cum PO, ITDP Dahanu, Palghar who was the backbone for this camp.

The Faculty members of SVT College of Home Science guided the students to contributed to conduct the activities are Dr. Rajeshree Shinde, Ms. Roshni Dange, Ms. Shilpa Sawalakhe, Ms Bhamini Mehta, Mr. Uday, Ms Anushree, Dr. Rohit Pawar, Mrs. Gulnar, Ms. Bhavya, and Ms. Sangita Chouwala.

Empowering Through Education: A Transformative 7-Day NSS Camp

In a week of inspiration and community impact, our NSS camp unfolded as a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. Committed to making a difference, our team engaged school students with diverse activities, emphasizing nutrition’s importance and unleashing creativity through vibrant wall paintings.

Beyond traditional teaching, we organized activities like traditional sports, yoga, and self-defense, fostering holistic development. The camp wasn’t just about imparting knowledge; it became a platform for mutual learning among students, teachers, and volunteers alike.

The heartwarming synergy formed during the camp created lasting bonds, making every moment memorable. Laughter filled the air as we shared, learned, and celebrated the joy of giving back. Our NSS camp was not just an event; it was a collective journey towards empowerment, leaving a positive mark on both participants and the community we served. We carry forward the spirit of learning, growth, and community engagement, ignited during these transformative 7 days.


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