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Technology, Innovation, Start-Ups – A way to Self-Reliance in Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Dr. Anuradha Ramesh was a Panelist invited to the Pharmaceutical Conclave organized by Chetana’s R. K. Institute of Management &Research as part of International Conference on Harnessing India’s Resources to make India Self Reliant in Collaboration with ASEAN Countries. The session held on 23rd February, 2021. The emphasis was on the emergence of nutraceuticals and the R&D opportunities and collaborative Research

Our Alumnus Ms. Alifia Bhol was the student participant in the session. She answered questions pertaining to being an entrepreneur and her journey in that path. Some excerpts of the interview:

  1. How was your journey as an entrepreneur? 

A: I firmly believe that necessity is the mother of invention. There was a lacuna in the food industry between people who have the knowledge and people who supply.  it led me to thinking , as nutritionists and dietitians, it is we who can get the best healthy foods out there !

Journey is never smooth. You learn every day. And you need to be hungry for more. That’s the only way to keep moving forward in your business.


  1. What strengths would you like a start-up entrepreneur to develop?

A: Innovative, risk-taker, hardworking, team player, planning skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, being open mindedness to people, learning and failure: these are important attributes of an entrepreneur.


  1. Types of challenges and opportunities: Pre – COVID and in the present times?

A: Opportunities are similar but I believe the opportunities have gone digital. So you can still work for an NGO or a corporate, but it will now be online.

Clients will be more than happy to connect over a call / video call. This is the perfect time to hit the market with your online clinic / e-clinic since you will get clients from any part of the world.

‘Health made easy ‘ is the new normal and you must need to do just that. Make reaching out to you easy. That’s it!

  1. Importance of technology know how and digital presence for an entrepreneur today?

A: It’s actually not surprising anymore to have your own app or website. So no excuses taken that you are lacking behind. You get things done if you don’t know how to. But no excuses taken that would slow your speed as an entrepreneur. People want everything at a click. How is getting a diet for themselves any different? And digital presence is important because I feel it’s the quickest way to show that you and your business exist. Your social media handle is your business card and your social media feed is your resume!!

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