Call for participation in Indian Clinical Dietetics Practice Audit

The Indian Dietetics Association is conducting a Clinical Audit Study to facilitate and collate the Indian data which will be converted into a white paper to be submitted to the Government of India on Nutritionist and Dieticians in India. This will be a crucial step to bring regulation in the profession.

For this, the attached form needs to be completed with the relevant details: Indian Clinical Dietetics Practice Audit.

IDA National President and Principal of SVT College, Dr Jagmeet Madan introduced the concept of a practice audit at the recent IDACON

For more information, please read the invitation.


Dear Dietitians practising in India,

We Have a Favor to Ask You… Help our Indian Dietetics Profession Evolve!

We are enclosing a brief video message from IDA National President Dr Jagmeet Madan explaining the significance of The Clinical Audit Study Project.

National  IDA President Dr Jagmeet Madan introduced the concept of a practice audit at the recent IDACON

You are being invited to participate in Indian Clinical Dietetics Practice Audit.

This is the very first time such an audit has been conducted to describe clinical dietetics practice, practice settings and competencies. The results will be the baseline for measuring if practice changes in the future. The results of the audit inform and influence the continuing evolution of the RD requirements, ensuring that dietetics practitioners succeed in the workplace. In addition, the results will set the stage for comparison of clinical dietetics practice within India with other global clinical dietetics practice.

Please forward  this email and survey link to all the practising Dietitians  in different fields of dietetic practise. All Chapter Convenors of the IDA are requested  to forward this email to all the members in their chapters at the earliest.

In respect of your limited time, the survey will only take 20-25 minutes of your time.  Your input is vital to the future of dietetics in India!

In recognition of your participation you will receive a certificate  from IDA and IAAND. After you complete the survey, you will be directed to a different site and asked to enter data for a certificate which will be provided later.


Thank you for your participation.


Respectfully yours,

Indian Dietetic Association National President

Study advisory group from Registered Dietitian Board of IDA

Research Team: Dr Shanthi, Dr Kevin Sauer, Dr Esther Myers


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