Textiles & Fashion Designing

Program : B.Sc. in Textiles & Fashion Designing

The department of Textiles & Fashion Designing offers a degree program that focuses on development of artistic and technical aspects of creating textiles and fashion designs. This interdisciplinary field combines elements of art, design, technology, and business to develop professionals who can innovate and create within the fashion industry. The major areas that the students gain expertise in are Fashion Illustration, Fashion Marketing, Textile Design for Printing, Computer aided Textile Design, World Costumes and Portfolio Development, Luxury Brand Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Soft Furnishing, Textile Science, Draping & Grading, Appreciation of Art & Craft, Textile testing & Quality Assurance.

Adequate opportunities are provided for exploration and cultivation of design skills, by fostering curiosity, reflection, experimentation and creation, thereby enabling the discovery of each individual’s distinct aesthetic inclination.

This program intersects with NEP 2020 through Integration of Vocational Education, Flexibility, Multidisciplinary Approach, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Research & Innovation”.

Duration : 4 years.
Eligibility : HSC in Home Science / Science / Arts / Commerce

Student Activities

Products created by students
Products created by students
Products created by students
Products created by students
Visit to Bhau Daji Lad museum..
Visit to Bhau Daji Lad museum..
  • To develop skills in apparel designing and commercial garment construction.
  • To impart scientific knowledge in the manufacturing process of yarns, fabrics and garments; their processing and quality control.
  • To enable students appreciate the rich heritage of traditional textiles and embroideries of India.
  • To equip the students with entrepreneurial skills through product designing and development.
  • Are creative and innovative in your dressing sense
  • Have a knack for textile and fashion designing
  • Enjoy fashion drawing and sketching
  • Are interested in following fashion trends and their marketing
  • Entrepreneur in  Fashion accessory and garment designing/ product development
  • Fashion co-coordinator/stylist
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Textile designer/ CATD designer
  • Fashion writer/ editor/ journalist
  • Life style product/ textile designer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Retail/Export/ Visual merchandiser
  • Quality Controller in textile & garment industry
  • Luxury Brand Manager
  • Masters in Textiles & Clothing /Retail Management/ Fashion Management/ Fashion Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Merchandizing Management/ Apparel Manufacturing and Management/ Designing/ Fashion Communication/ Fashion Business ( e-commerce)
  • M.Design (Fashion Design)


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