Generic Elective

Generic Electives

Generic Elective (GE) course can be chosen by the student from other branches of the faculty of Home Science, with an intention to seek exposure and Knowledge beyond the specialization of their choice. These Elective Courses can enhance their personal and professional development. Each student has to take one course from the Generic Elective courses offered from the other departments.

Generic Elective Courses credit distribution for all Specializations (Honors / Regular)

GE Courses   B.Sc. for all Specializations Credits B.Sc.
Sr. No. Code No. Semester Department offering the course Generic Elective Courses 22 credits (Regular)

22 credits (Honors)

Theory. Practical. Regular Honors
1. FG101 I/ II


FN Department Nutrition for Health Promotion  OR Fundamentals of Baking 4 20 20
2. FG102 4
3. HG101 HD  Department Personal and Professional Relationships in Adulthood  OR Marriage and Parenting 4
4. HG102 4
5. MG101 MCE  Department Digital Photography OR Voice Culture and Modulation 4
6. MG102 4
7. RG101 RM  Department Consumer Education and Financial Literacy OR Travel Arrangements and Formalities 4
8. RG102 4
9. TG101 TAD  Department Fashion Craft OR Fundamentals of Fashion 4
10. TG102 4
11. LG101 English or Science


Functional English OR Advanced English OR Science for Life 4
12. LG102 4
13 SG101 4
14 LG201 III/ IV English or MCE


Foreign Language OR Media and Information Literacy 2 2 2
15. MG201 2
Total Credits 22 22

Brief description of the GE courses

Nutrition for Health Promotion    OR Fundamentals of Baking
Do you want to be fit and healthy?

This course provides substantial information on the importance of health, diet, nutrition andfitness. It will help students to ensure wellbeing of self and family. It emphasizes the significance of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet in achieving good health and fitness for life.

This is an attractive hands on training course to develop skills in preparation of baked items like bread, biscuits etc. The course will provide scientific insights and develop skill, art and craft of baking.


 Personal and Professional Relationships  in Adulthood    OR Marriage and Parenting
Our interpersonal relations are greatly linked with our overall success in life. This subject focuses on understanding the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how of relationships’. Choosing this subject will help you to better understand and maintain your relationships at the personal and professional front. It will also focus on topics like emotional intelligence, team work and conflict resolutions.


This is an applied course, designed to help students explore the many facets of marriage, parenting and family interactions. Few of the topics discussed are courtship, mate selection, adjustments in marriage and parenting children of different ages. This subject will also focus on  your own attitudes, values, and expectations about marriage and family life through sensitization games, role plays and discussions
Digital Photography    OR Voice Culture and Modulation
Cameras have become a part of our lives today. The option of taking good and creative pictures is still a dream far-fetched for many. Most of us are unaware of the aesthetics and techniques involved in clicking right image.

The said course will not only teach you to handle a DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera but also introduce you to  various professional aspects of photography. These will enable you to capture appropriate images in your area of specialization

Speak like a Leader-
This is a unique subject for the students who wish to enhance the quality of their voice.  The students would be trained to speak with clarity and correct pronunciation so that they become impactful speakers.
The curriculum offers knowledge and skill training in developing their voice potential to the maximum. The focus would be on voice modulation, overcoming common speaking defects, breath control, modification and improvement of voice, good narration techniques, and projection of voice, better breath control, overcoming speech defects, and public speaking.
Consumer Education and Financial Literacy   OR Travel Arrangements and Formalities
This course offers students an opportunity to understand the rights and responsibilities as consumers. The course will give them insight on manufacturing and trade malpractices and enable them to understand various redressal mechanisms. They will develop critical thinking skills with regards to financial planning by learning income management, savings and banking facilities. It will help them gain knowledgeabout various credit facilities in finance.


This course offers students an orientation to the prominent tourist destinations in India and abroad, as well as the basis for travel arrangements for a leisure tour. Students become aware about the passport, VISA and other documentation and requisite processes for international travel. They also learn the procedures involved in booking of transport and accommodation. This course will enable the students to help family and friends to choose holiday destinations and basic tour planning.
  • Fashion Craft    OR Fundamentals of Fashion
    This course provides students the required skills in various surface embellishment techniques such as smocking, painting, bead work and macramé. The course will also help students in the selection of appropriate material for developing different types of fashion accessories. Students will be proficient in developing contemporary fashion articles and other related textiles crafts such as bead work, designing of earrings, bracelets, necklace, anklets and many more. This course offers students an opportunity to understand about the concepts of fashion designing and fashion styling. This course will give an insight to students about the elements of fashion, stages of fashion cycle, and concepts of garment construction. In addition, students will be competent in selection of appropriate fashion garment and accessories according to personality, figure types and occasions.


Functional English    OR Science for Life
This course is designed to enhance the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of students in English. Also, it will help them to develop Inter-personal and Professional communicational skills. The course deals with apt usage of energy in everyday life as well as preparation and hazards of various chemicals such as household chemicals, cosmetics etc.Curriculum also briefs overall information about certain common diseases. The basic objective of this course is to develop scientific temper and help students understand where and how science is linked to daily life.
Advanced English
This course aims to strengthen advanced skills in reading, writing, comprehension and develop literary sensibility among students. This also facilitates communication skills required in the professional environment, enhances personality of the students as well as train them to appreciate texts critically.
Foreign Language – Conversational French     OR Media and Information Literacy
Amongst all foreign languages French is a major language used internationally for communication. It is the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world.

This course provides students the required competency to communicate and converse in French Language with great ease and comfort  to find a job in various sectors like Diplomatic service professional, Foreign language trainer, Translator for MNCs and govt. organization, Research associate, Interpreter , Tourist guide, Airhostess or flight steward , Attendant at hotels, Online content writers, technical translators  and Public relation officer.


The students would be introduced to the basic concept of media and information literacy. The focus of the course would be on the functions of media and information channels in societies. The course would enable the students to understand the conditions needed for the effective performance of media and information providers. The curriculum of the course would cover topics like Print Media,Radio,  Television, Music, Feature films, New and Traditional media. The course would also help students learn about the sources of information such as Print Media, Library, Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs), Online search techniques, FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), free resources and Web 2.0

The subject would be taught by using interesting methods. Besides lectures there would be group-discussions, demonstrations, audio & video clippings, newspaper clippings, Individual and group activities and visits. The student evaluation would be based on Group and Individual assignment, Project presentation and Journal.

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