Established in 1959, was the first institution in Mumbai to offer Home Science at a degree level. It is also the first college of S.N.D.T. Women's University to be granted autonomous status from the year 1995-96 in the state of Maharashtra.
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Developmental Counselling

Program: B.Sc. Developmental Counselling Developmental counselling is a specialization offered by the Department of Human Development. This specialization has a preventive counseling approach based on life span development. Duration:  3 years Eligibility: HSC in Home Science / Science / Arts / Commerce
To sensitize the students to the “developmental problems” at different stages across the life span.
To develop skills in helping children with normal developmental problems and learning difficulties.
To enhance skills of planning and implementation of developmental programs for children.
This Course May Be The Right Choice For Those Who
Have interest in human behaviour and like to work with children and families.
Find it interesting to observe and understand the psychology behind human behaviour.
Are good listeners and find it satisfying to help children and families to deal with their problems.
Enjoy being creative and innovative in preparing teaching materials for children.
Want to help individuals to make a positive change in their lives.
Professional Opportunities:
Life skill coaches in schools.
Organize life skill workshops for children and youth.
Conduct Personality Development camps and workshops for children.
Conducting therapeutic recreational activities for children.
Conduct parenting workshops.
Assistant Remedial Educator in schools and remedial centers.
Entrepreneur in preparing remedial material / educational teaching aids for children.
Opportunities For Further education :
MSc. in Human Development.
MSc in Counselling Psychology.
BEd/MEd in Special Education.
PG Diploma in School Counselling.
MSW in Social Work.
Masters in Educational Technology

Sem. Program: B.Sc. in Developmental Counselling – Honors / Regular
Course Type

Course Name Regular Honors
I Communicative English (4 + 0) AEC & SEC 20 20
Environmental Studies (4 + 0)
Digital Photography (4+0) OR Voice Culture and Modulation (4+0) GE
Fashion Craft(0 + 4)OR Fundamentals of Fashion(4 +0)
Development and Guidance During Early Years (4 +0) Core
II Consumer Education and Financial Literacy (4+0) OR Travel Arrangements and Formalities (4+0) GE 20 20
Nutrition for Health Promotion (4+0) OR Fundamentals of Bakery (0+4)
Functional English OR Advanced English (4+ 0) OR Science for Life (4 + 0)
Development and Guidance During School Years (4 +0) Core
Parenting During Childhood Years (0 +2)
Methods and Materials for Teaching Children (0+2)
III Gender Studies (2+0) AEC & SEC 20 24
Foreign Language (0+2) OR Media and Information Literacy (0+2) GE
Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood (4+ 0) Core
Children with Special Needs (4+2)
Developmental Assessment through Life Span (4+2)
Psychology of Teaching and Learning (4 +0 )*Only for Honors *Core
IV Marriage and Family Relations (4+0) Core 20 24
Remedial Education (4+2)
Management of Child Development Programs (0+2)
Computer Applications for Learning Aids (0+2)
Research Methods In Human Development (4+0)*Only for Honors *Core
Youth Development (4+2) OR Family Welfare (4+2) DSE
V Working in Child Guidance Clinics (0+8) Core 20 24
Guidance and Counselling (4+2)
Therapeutic Recreation( 0+2)
6 credits for Regular

+4 credits

Only for Honors

Positive Psychology(4+0)
Preschool Education (4+2)
Law and Advocacy for Children and Families((4+0)
VI Theories of Human Development (4+0 ) Core 20 28
Research and Trends in Human Development (2+0)
Internship (0+4)
Counselling Children and Families (4+2)
Life Skill Training ( 0+4) *Only for Honors *Core
Curriculum Designing and Policy Making (0+4) 4 credits for Regular+4 credits*Only for Honors DSE
Gerontology (4+0)
Management of Special Events for Children (0+4)

120 140

The College has developed curriculum and activities designed to bring changes in the students’ thoughts, ideas, attitudes, interests, emotions, personality and character. It believes in the value of empowerment to girl students to excel in their field of education. The curriculum offers the students choices of courses to select from core courses to general elective courses from other specializations to foster a holistic approach to development and deeper understanding on issues and challenges.

The College has adapted to the changes required globally for education and develop competencies in the students. The College strives to provide education to all girls from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds to regular and differently abled students.

Activities for students have been planned in the curriculum to develop the leadership quality in students. NSS activities have been conducted, special camps and training programs organized for students to inculcate values of team work, motivation and leadership.

The College has integrated technology enabled teaching learning process in the curriculum. With the advent of technology and its usage globally, the students are trained to use computer programs, software, information and communication based systems. This helps the students to learn, integrate and use technology to their advantage.

Community development programs, working with women from weaker economic section, and village adopted for training the people is integrated in the curriculum. Every specialization prepares students to promote good practices of their department to teach members of community on new skills, sustainable practices, equality, social justice, literacy skills for employability and development.