Mass Communication and Extension

Program : B.Sc.  In Mass Communication and Extension

Mass Communication and Extension is a program designed to train students to be Media Professionals and emerge as experts in the various mass media skills and processes linked to Photography, Sound Reproduction, Film making, Advertising and the like.

The department also focuses on developmental mechanisms for changing the mind and action of people to attain community development. The skills and processes inculcated to the students in the area of Extension Education create professionals to work in the Development sector, NGOs and Government Departments.

Duration : 3 years.
Eligibility : HSC in Home Science / Science / Arts / Commerce

Photoshoot by the students

Student Activities

Extension Education Rural Field work
Extension Education Rural Field work
Visit to All India Radio
Visit to All India Radio
Advertising Campaign in college
Advertising Campaign in college
Public Relations activity in college
Public Relations activity in college

The Department of Mass Communication and Extension offers courses related to communication and community development. The courses in communication will equip the students with the current trends in the field. The students would be skilled in photojournalism and writing for media, viz. print media, television and radio. They would also learn about Advertising and Public Relations. The Department provides a wide spectrum of opportunities for the young, creative and aspiring students. The aim of Extension Education is to reach the communities through adult and non-formal education and to improve the quality of life of people and all aspects of human communication. Mass Communication and Extension education as a discipline is relevant and significant in the context of presently emerging needs of the country.

  • To sensitize students about the issues related to society, environment, health, and education.
  • To train students in the various mass media skills and processes linked to Photography, Sound Reproduction, Film making, Advertising and the like.
  • To apply the knowledge of Extension Education and mass communication in mainstream and alternative media to bring about social change and reach to the unreached.
  • To develop skills to critically evaluate the nature and content of mass media for creating innovative and effective communication.
  • Find it interesting to observe and understand the sociological concepts.
  • Wish to explore ways to communicate creatively.
  • Are innovative in communicating with the society for their development.
  • Like to seek career options in Media and Development sector
  • Event Manager, Public Relations officer, Client Service manager in Advertising agency.
  • Production House- as Assistant Director, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Photographer, Actor.
  • Sound Engineer and Designer.
  • Photojournalist, Journalist, Graphic Designer.
  • Program Officer/Community Development officer, Extension Education Departments of Government of India.
  • Project-in-charge, in the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility in corporate houses.
  • Community Development officer in Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Entrepreneur in the area of Mass Communication and Extension Education viz. Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Content Developer.
  • MSc. in Extension Education
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Masters in Educational Technology
  • PG Diploma in Journalism, Script writing, Video production, Advertising, Public Relations, Event Management
  • MSW in Social Work


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