PhD. Students

Name of the Student Topic Name of Supervisor
1 Ms. Manisha Parelkar Comprehension of Nutrition in Labelling and its Effect on the Behavious of Graduate Consumers in Mumbai Dr. Jagmeet Madan
2 Ms. Madhuri Nigudkar Resistant Starch Content of Indian Ethnic Foods: Influence on Fecal Microfloral, Anthropometric and Biochemical Profile Dr. Jagmeet Madan
3 Ms. Moitra Panchali Dr. Jagmeet Madan
4 Ms. Rashida Vapiwala Functional Beverages and its effect on Urban Indian Adults with Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Meena Godhia
5 Ms. Subhasree Ray Evaluation of Classic Ketogenic Diet and high Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Ketogenic diet in Patients with Epilapsy Dr. Meena Godhia