Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science

Library Rules for Students

  • Students must have valid Library card for availing library services. Students should wear their identity cards around their necks.
  • Library cards are not transferable. A student should use only her Library card. If any student uses other student’s Library card, it will be the sole responsibility of the student whose Library card is used. Library staff will not be responsible for the same.
  • Up to two books are issued to a student at a time. Due date is notified on a board behind the Library counter. The books can be returned on / before the due date [excluding the date of issue]. Reference sources, question papers, books in cupboard, and unbar-coded books are not issued to students.
  • If a due date falls on any such day when the Library is closed, the next Library working day is taken as the due date.
  • Fine for late return is 2/- per day. All Sundays, public holidays, and all such days when the Library is kept closed, are calculated while calculating fine. If any book / serial / question paper set is taken out for photocopying / reference and not returned on the same day before the closure of Library counter, a fine of 10/- to 25/- per day will be charged as per the discretion of the Library staff.
  • Library timings are from 10-00 am to 5 pm. Library counter timings are from 10-15 am to 4-30 pm.
  • Before taking any document from collection area to reading hall, student should enter the same in register maintained at Library counter.
  • If any student is caught for taking out any Library document unauthorized, her Library membership will be suspended for the whole term and / or a fine will be charged as per the discretion of the Library staff. The matter may also be referred to the College authorities.
  • Use of scissor, blade, cutter, gum, adhesive, paste, etc. is prohibited inside the Library.
  • The students are requested not to keep any valuables (like cash, jewellery, wristwatch, railway season ticket, mobile, etc.) at the Library security counter when it is functional. The College / Library authorities will not be responsible for any misplacement / theft of the same.
  • Open access rules are elaborated on a notice at Library counter. Students can carry only a single loose sheet of paper while availing open access facility.
  • After consultation, the students should keep back the Library documents from where they had taken out. Students should not keep any Library document on journal display.
  • Talking, running, disturbing the sitting arrangement in the Library is prohibited.
  • The Library computers are meant for accessing Library catalogue, and online membership; they cannot be used for any other purpose. The students should not close the catalogue or membership page after use. For any help, they should get up from their seats and come to the Library counter. Students should never call the Library staff from their seat.
  • The students should replace lost / damaged Library document issued to them, or during consultation inside the Library. If replacement is not possible, they will have to pay for (i) the replacement cost of the document plus (ii) fine due, if any, plus (iii) any additional fine as per the discretion of the Librarian.
  • Lost / damaged Library card will be replaced with new one at the cost of 20/-. If a document is borrowed against the lost Library card, it will be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • For online resources, students can click Laxmiben Thackersey Library link from College website at